Wednesday, December 20, 2006

First Color Changing LED Faucet

This could quite possibly be the world’s first color changing faucet — built-in LEDs change colors based on the water temperature. There is also “precise control” for baths, sinks, and showers. No word yet on pricing and availability.

Via TechEBlog

The Venice project

What is the Venice Project? Skype co-founders Janus Friis and Niklas Zennström built it with some of that $2.6 billion from selling Skype to eBay. Friis explains on his blog:
It’s simple, really — we are trying to bring together the best of TV with the best of the Internet. We think TV is one of the most powerful, engaging mass medias of all time. People love TV, but they also hate TV. They love the (sometimes…) amazing storytelling, the richness, the quality itself. But they hate the linearness, the lack of choice, the lack of basic things like being able to search. And wholly missing is everything that we are now accustomed to from the Internet: tagging, recommendations, choice, and so on… TV is 507 channels and nothing on and we want to help change that!

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

The God Delusion

The shocking title does no justice to the incredible arguments that Richard Dawkins makes against religion and its assault on reason and science. Whether or not you agree with the content, this documentary must give you pause. Narrated by Dawkins, who is an incredible thinker and is very passionate about his arguments. The gem of these documentaries is an interview with Ted Haggard, who gets all uppity when he is challenged by Dawkins as someone who is "telling people what to think". Not to be missed.

Friday, December 15, 2006


In a market where virtually every watch brand can be compared with another, BOVET watches stand in a category of their own - champions of a style of watchmaking that gives individual craftsmen and women the opportunity to express rare skills. It is an approach that dates back more than 180 years, when the first Bovet watches were made to display exotic European arts to the Chinese atistocracy. Then as now, Bovet watches gave free of reign to watchmakers, enamellers, goldsmiths and jewellers to capture time
in the most beautiful and original way possibly. Bovet's total production is fewer than 2000 watches a year. Many are in limited series. Some are unique pieces. Such watches, made to order, take months to create.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

New Majestic Hotel

A new boutique hotel in Singapore's historic chinatown, featuring 30 rooms individually designed be emerging singaporean artists. new majestic hotel

Friday, November 24, 2006

Denver saves water

With water restrictions happening around the world, the clever folk at Sukle agency dreamt up this inventive ad campaign for Denver Water to encourage people to become more aware of their water usage. by Billy T, via thecoolhunter

Thursday, November 23, 2006

The 2007 TEDPrize Winners

The 2007 TEDPrize winners were announced last night in San Francisco. We're thrilled to introduce these three iconic individuals: an award-winning photojournalist, a ground-breaking biologist, and one of the world's most famous humanitarians ....

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Wired Editor-at-Large Kevin Kelly on TEDTalks

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Wired Editor-at-large Kevin Kelly traces the remarkable similarities between the evolution of biology and technology, ultimately declaring technology the "7th kingdom of life." He poses an intriguing question: "What does technology want?" As we hurdle forward, evolving increasingly complex, biological and independent machines, how will it affect our humanity? Kelly, widely regarded as an expert on digital culture, has played leading roles at the Whole Earth Review (editor), Wired Magazine (founding executive editor), the WELL (co-founder), and the All-Species Foundation (co-founder). He's author of several books, including Out of Control: The New Biology of Machines, Social Systems and the Economic World. (Recorded February 2005 in Monterey, CA. Duration: 20:39) via TedTalks

Monday, November 20, 2006

Sony releases 007 Vaio Bond Series

Our advice to Bond movie fans is to give the newcomer (Daniel Craig) a chance to thrill you with the action stuff and to keep the enthusiasm going Sony has released the James Bond 007 TX Spy Gear bundle VGN-TXN007 that includes VAIO TX 007 ultraportable PC with 11.1-inch screen, Sony Cybershot T50 007 branded digital camera, Privacy screen, aluminum attache case and serialized glass photo certificate. Sony’s original SmartWi technology seamlessly integrates wireless WAN14, wireless LAN4, and Bluetooth®5 technologies making it your essential mobile companion. The Bond gear-bundle is selling for $3,900 but will be available somewhere around mid-November. But,you can pre-order it now.

via OhGizmo

4GB Diamond & Gold Flash Drive for the Uber-Rich

For the super-rich tycoons who need to carry useful business data all the time, Mii Stor has created a 4GB flash drive made from diamonds and white gold to pack your million dollar data in equally luxurious style. The Snow drive is a Sandisk 4GB drive encased in 18ct white gold studded with 96 white diamonds totalling 1.44ct. And, with the white gold chain, the precious little thing can be worn round your neck too. So, another chance to show off your wealth in an elegant yet geeky manner. The shiny flash drive retails for around $19,000. But, if more storage capacity is what you are looking for then leave the bling thing and get yourself the Buslink Pro 2 flash drive from CDW that is though not made of gold or platinum but it packs 64GB of data in it.

Via TechDigest
Thanks BornRich

Some stats on the reach of blogs

A recent study by Forrester shows that the reach of blogs is steadily going up. Furthermore, they encourage brands to monitor what the blogosphere is telling about their products, brands and campaigns:

One key data point that stood out for me: 24% of Gen Yers read blogs, which is twice as often as the 12% of Gen Xers (ages 27-40) and three times the 7% of Young Boomers (ages 41-50) that read blogs. So skeptics of blogs should suspend their disbelief and look to at least one bellweather demographic to get an idea of how widespread blog readership can potentially grow in the future.

So if you’re a marketer that targets Gen Yers, you should at a minimum be monitoring what your audience reads. Tools to monitor the blogosphere include paid services like Nielsen BuzzMetrics and WebSideStory’s HBX or do-it-yourself sites like Technorati. And an excellent “how-to” resource is this iMedia Connection article, “How to Measure Blog Influence”.
Link[Charlene Li's Blog]

One Laptop per child project

The proposed $100 machine will be a Linux-based, with a dual-mode display—both a full-color, transmissive DVD mode, and a second display option that is black and white reflective and sunlight-readable at 3× the resolution. The laptop will have a 500MHz processor and 128MB of DRAM, with 500MB of Flash memory; it will not have a hard disk, but it will have four USB ports. The laptops will have wireless broadband that, among other things, allows them to work as a mesh network; each laptop will be able to talk to its nearest neighbors, creating an ad hoc, local area network. The laptops will use innovative power (including wind-up) and will be able to do most everything except store huge amounts of data.[via Boing Boing]

Saturday, November 18, 2006


This is the Sirocco, Bangkok’s outdoor high-rise restaurant.

Friday, November 17, 2006

Notepad secret trick video

Notepad Secret Trick - video powered by Metacafe

A fun trick you can do using Notepad in Windows XP.

I was myself curious about the cause of this phenomenon, and I found out that this text is not the only one to cause problems. There are other strings that cause Notepad to screw up, including "this app can break", which was another version of the bug that generated a lot of buzz. I've personally tested a series of strings that have the same effect, including "this api can break", "this cat can split", "jane can not dance", "text wit hou tcaps" and even "abcd efg hij klmno" and "xxxx xxx xxx xxxxx". What do these phrases have in common? They are made up by four words made up by four, three, three and five letters, all lowercase. So, by induction, all "4-3-3-5" strings should work.
Now, let's get to why this thing happens. First of all, it seems that Notepad writes the files just fine, it just can't read them again correctly. As a proof, try opening your saved file, the one that Notepad screws up, with another text editor. I used EditPlus and it turned out to be OK. So why the Notepad thing then? Well, it's a Windows thing. Notepad uses a Windows function that allows it to figure out whether a text file is Unicode or not. And that function, my friends, is the one that screws it up. Because the way it checks can easily be described as "guessing". And it guesses that the file is actually Unicode, and not Ascii, as it is supposed to be.

Now, two different but similar explanations can be given.

The first is that, after the ASCII-to-hex conversion of the string, Notepad rearranges the hex codes not according to ASCII standards, but to Unicode, and that messes it up. Here's the example:

Take "bush hid the facts". The hex codes (they can be seen with any hex editor you want to download) for the string are:

62 75 73 68 20 68 69 64 20 74 68 65 20 66 61 63 74 73

Arrange the codes to make up Unicode characters and you get:

7562 6873 6820 6964 7420 6568 6620 6163 7473

You'll notice that every code is hyperlinked. If you click on each one of them, you'll see that each one represents a Chinese (I think) "letter".

So this whole thing's cause is the coincidence that the 18 ASCII characters happen to represent 9 Unicode characters. And, of course, Windows' inability to determine the right encoding of the file.

The second explanation is slightly different, but the basics are the same: the difference between ASCII and Unicode. It's just a matter of Notepad defaults. You see, when you save the file, in the "Encoding" field, the default drop-down is set to ANSI. So, by default, Notepad saves as ANSI. But if you do a File -> Open, the default Encoding is set to Unicode. That's exactly what happens when you double click a saved file. Notepad knows the path, but not the Encoding. So it uses the default Unicode encoding, which spits the Chinese characters as explained above.

And that's about it. No easter eggs, no conspiracies, no Bush interventions. Just plain old Microsoft. [Thanks Steady Rollin]

FoodBox Limassol Cyprus

A selection of the best local, European and mediterenian ingredients are blended together to create the unique Foodbox experience.

The concept is basically relying on a sellection of freshly made gourmet sandwiches and salads, which they make daily. The sandwiches in offer are chosen from a huge sellection of tested and succesfull recipes that have been experimented and rotated to adjust to your taste preferences, as well as the modern Cypriot lifestyle.

The Bakery team starts early to prepare the original Italian Ciabatta bread, and are also ready to introduce the Italian Focaccia which they can enrich with cherry tomatoes and basil, or Sun dried tomatoes, red pesto olives. FoodBox continues to experiment passionately.

TEL: 77 77 2900

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

The great Robot Race

The Great Robot Race .1 - video powered by Metacafe

NOVA program The Great Robot Race.

Instant Win in Solitaire

Instant Win In SOLITAIRE - video powered by Metacafe

3 keys and you win instantly.. SHIFT+ALT+2 Give it a try.

BABEL - Movie Trailer

Babel - Movie Trailer - video powered by Metacafe

This is the trailer of the new Brad Pitt movie. Directed by - Alejandro González . Also starring: Cate Blanchett,Gael García Bernal.

9/11 Twin Towers

9/11 Twin Towers. - video powered by Metacafe

Hidden Pictures on U.S. Money. Check it out.

How to crack a combination lock

How To Crack A Combination Lock - video powered by Metacafe

A great way to figure out the combination to a lock that you had forgotten what it was. This is intended for information purposes only.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006


Everything changes, everything can transform itself. A square in seven pieces combined with imagination to make new shapes come to life.
When it comes to thinking outside the square, Italian furniture design company, Lago, is well outside the parameters of traditional thinking. With the talents of its prized designers Daniele Lago and Massimo Bonnetti virtually on tap, the boundless creativity and functionality is evident in their current range.

Dolce & Gabbana open Gold restaurant

The first concept restaurant created by Dolce&Gabbana. Gold is an upbeat, sunny colour, the colour of energy, luxury and a new dolce vita, signifying a taste for beauty and for sensual pleasure.via

Monday, November 13, 2006

TrendValley's Team Song

Mixalis Xatzigiannis - Ola h Tipota.

Everyone here in TrendValley love this song, so we decided to post it.

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Kung Fu Baby

Hit play or go to Link [YouTube]

Monday, October 30, 2006

Nike Haute Shoe Print Club Bag

This Nike Haute Shoe Print Club Bag is now available at! Its the perfect bag for traveling and going to the gym, its so durable and roomy! via freshnessmag

Mediterranean living

Cyprus... Island of Aphrodite, legend and history. Ancient, Byzantine, contemporary.
Warm sandy beaches, friendly hospitable people, harmonious enjoyable living. These are just a few words that can describe the island of Cyprus.
And it is no wonder that people from all over the world choose this special place for their holiday or permanent home.

Eutopia Properties is a well-organized Property Developer in Limassol, and they are here to help you obtain a quality construction and design home, and therefore a life you have always been dreaming of.

Make yourself feel at home in this beautiful natural setting at the outskirts of Monagrouli village. Harmony Homes, a project by Eutopia properties consists of 11 traditionally designed bungalows and villas, grouped into three individual blocks. Realizing that everyone wants to enjoy the untouched Cypriot nature, each home has been carefully designed to maximize individual lots and deeded landscape views.
Built to create an exclusive residential development, Harmony Homes incorporate maximum quality specifications, as they are going to be constructed with the well-proven SIP (Structured Insulated Panel) method, giving a ten-year guaranty to the owner.

Monagrouli village is situated just 10 minutes drive from the nearest beach, 15 minutes from Limassol, 25 minutes from Larnaca airport,25 minutes from Nicosia and also 5 minutes drive to a future-plan golf course. Therefore you can get the country tranquility with the city facilities all close to you.
The village habitats are friendly and hospitable, inviting you to take part in many of the traditions, which have been passed down through generations. There are many exciting events held throughout the year, which offer an unforgettable experience and allow you to fully embrace the wonderful way of life in Cyprus.


Sunday, October 29, 2006

Web Information Services

Maximize the potential of your online experience. Neos Global in Cyprus is a site dedicated to providing you with up to date information regarding aspects of Web Design, Digital Media, Online Tutorials, and more. Knowledge is power. Whether you are interested in achieving personal or professional goals, we can help make the digital realm work for you. Learn more about Web Information Services, Website and Graphics Design, or developing a corporate identity. Let Neos Global lead the way.

Friday, October 27, 2006

Sexy Nature

A great picture we found.

Rocky Balboa

The final round of the Academy Award®-winning Rocky franchise hits theatres Friday, December 22, 2006. Written and directed by SYLVESTER STALLONE.

2007 John Cooper Works MINI

John Cooper Works has unveiled his completely revamped 2007 MINI Cooper. Upgrades include “a new front fascia, black grille, sporty side sills, a new rear fascia with an integrated diffuser, 19 inch wheels, a large rear spoiler, and carbon fiber treatments throughout.” Engine modifications have not yet been announced.via leftlanenews

Thursday, October 26, 2006

ENRON email explorer

In October 2003 the US Federal Energy Regulatory Commission placed 200,000 of Enron's internal emails from 1999-2002 into the public domain as part of its ongoing investigations. The archive offers an extraordinary window into the lives and preoccupations of Enron's top executives during a turbulent period. Read more about Enron's demise on Wikipedia.

Trampoline engineers used this data as testbed during development of the company's SONAR technology. The result was so fascinating we decided to open it up and allow anyone to dig in. The Enron Explorer lets you investigate the actions and reactions of Enron's senior management team as the noose began to tighten.

A network visualization of the social networks generated by the Enron employees & based on the more than 200,000 internal Enron emails from 1999-2002. emails can be read & sorted by theme or people, while the network visualizer clarifies the connections between people. Enron trampoline explorer

Wednesday, October 25, 2006


The premier issue of the LVHRD MGZN is finished and hot off the proverbial e-presses. After months of work and involvement from a talented editorial and art staff of LVHRD members, we’re excited to launch this inaugural quarterly issue.

LVHRD MGZN 01 takes a closer look at some of LVHRD’s most active members over the club’s two years in New York. Through candid conversations and exposé pieces, we provide an unobstructed view of the ballerinas, architects, editors, musicians and competitive eaters that have made a mark on the organization’s history.

Exercising the flexibility available in a digital publication, the MGZN is designed to provide three distinct reader experiences. Though optimized for an active internet connection, the MGZN provides a different experience when read offline or in print. It’s an exploratory piece, and much like a LVHRD event, it takes participation to make it work. Download a copy, sit back in your chair, and enjoy the MGZ. LVHRD download the MGZ

LVHRD is an organization that seeks to unite creative individuals that have a passion for change, a willingness to succeed and the determination to overcome conventions.

DuoMo Hotel

The DuoMo Hotel in Rimini, Italy, is breaking new ground in terms of design aesthetics in hotels. With many new hotels pushing unique design to the limits, the challenge of presenting something never before seen is becoming increasingly difficult. Internationally renown architect and designer, Ron Arad, has launched the DuoMo hotel by using vivid colors, alternative materials and unconventional shapes to create a very rare aesthetic for the market.

The entrance to the hotel is adorned by two giant size pinball flippers, which lead guests directly to the giant stainless steel front desk. The sheer size and seamless beauty of the desk itself is most impressive. When it comes to the guest rooms, no expense has been spared.
With all rooms featuring the latest in technology and design, including LCD screens in the bathroom, surrounded by Alessi lavatories and showers, your stay is guaranteed to be a lavish experience.

Perhaps one of the more outstanding features of the DuoMo is the noMi bar and club. Showcasing live D.J's from Miami, Ibiza and NYC, noMi is tipped to become the hottest night spot in Rimini. With one of its main feature walls made of retractable glass, guests are able to flow out into the streets and bring the outside in, on warm nights. The majority of the club is draped in bronze and polished steel, creating a slick, modern setting for the cities trend setting crowd.

Rimini has always been famous for being the birthplace of the heralded Italian film director, Fellini, now it has a second claim to fame; The DuoMo Hotel. by Billy T via thecoolhunter

Friday, October 20, 2006

How to improve your memory

Wouldn’t it be nice to just look at a page and never forget what was on there? What if you could never again forget a friend’s birthday? The bad news is, almost all scientific experts agree that photographic memory—the ability to recall facts, images, and events perfectly—simply doesn’t exist. The good news, however, is that everyone can take steps to improve their memory, and with time and practice most people can gain the ability to memorize seemingly impossible amounts of information. Whether you want to win the World Memory Championships, ace your history test, or simply remember where you put your keys, this article can get you started.

1.Keep your brain active. The brain is not a muscle, but regularly “exercising" the brain actually does keep it growing and spurs the development of new nerve connections that can help improve memory. By developing new mental skills—especially complex ones such as learning a new language or learning to play a new musical instrument—and challenging your brain with puzzles and games you can keep your brain active and improve its physiological functioning.
2.Exercise daily. Regular aerobic exercise improves circulation and efficiency throughout the body, including in the brain, and can help ward off the memory loss that comes with aging. Exercise also makes you more alert and relaxed, and can thereby improve your memory uptake, allowing you to take better mental “pictures."
3.Reduce stress. Chronic stress, although it does not physically damage the brain, can make remembering much more difficult. Even temporary stresses can make it more difficult to effectively focus on concepts and observe things. Try to relax, regularly practice yoga or other stretching exercises, and see a doctor if you have severe chronic stress.
4.Eat well and eat right. There are a lot of herbal supplements on the market that claim to improve memory, but none have yet been shown to be effective in clinical tests (although small studies have shown some promising results for ginkgo biloba and phosphatidylserine). A healthy diet, however, contributes to a healthy brain, and foods containing antioxidants—broccoli, spinach, and berries, for example—and Omega-3 fatty acids appear to promote healthy brain functioning. Feed your brain with such supplements as Thiamine, Vitamin E, Niacin and Vitamin B-6. Grazing, eating 5 or 6 small meals throughout the day instead of 3 large meals, also seems to improve mental functioning (including memory) by limiting dips in blood sugar, which may negatively affect the brain.
5.Take better pictures. Often we forget things not because our memory is bad, but rather because our observational skills need work. One common situation where this occurs (and which almost everyone can relate to) is meeting new people. Often we don’t really learn people’s names at first because we aren’t really concentrating on remembering them. You’ll find that if you make a conscious effort to remember such things, you’ll do much better. One way to train yourself to be more observant is to look at an unfamiliar photograph for a few seconds and then turn the photograph over and describe or write down as many details as you can about the photograph. Try closing your eyes and picturing the photo in your mind. Use a new photograph each time you try this exercise, and with regular practice you will find you’re able to remember more details with even shorter glimpses of the photos.
6.Give yourself time to form a memory. Memories are very fragile in the short-term, and distractions can make you quickly forget something as simple as a phone number. The key to avoid losing memories before you can even form them is to be able to focus on the thing to be remembered for a while without thinking about other things, so when you’re trying to remember something, avoid distractions and complicated tasks for a few minutes.
7.Repeat things you need to learn. The more times you hear, see, or think about something, the more surely you’ll remember it, right? It’s a no-brainer. When you want to remember something, be it your new coworker’s name or the date of the Battle of Hastings, repeat it, either out loud or silently. Try writing it down; think about it.
8.Group things you need to remember. Random lists of things (a shopping list, for example) can be especially difficult to remember. To make it easier, try categorizing the individual things from the list. If you can remember that, among other things, you wanted to buy four different kinds of vegetables, you’ll find it easier to remember all four.
9.Use mnemonics. Mnemonics, also called “mnemonic devices" are memory aids. There are a wide variety of mnemonics suitable for different tasks. Some are very simple, such as “first-letter" mnemonics: the nonsense name Roy G. Biv, for example, uses the first letters of each of the colors of the spectrum in order. Mnemonics of increasing complexity, such as creating a story which includes things you need to remember, or creating a sentence the words of which correspond to a series of digits (the number of letters in each word is the next number in the series) can be used to remember longer or more complex ideas. One of the most powerful mnemonics is the “memory palace," a mental journey that can be used to remember almost anything.
10.Organize your life. Keep items that you frequently need, such as keys and eyeglasses, in the same place every time. Use an electronic organizer or daily planner to keep track of appointments, due dates for bills, and other tasks. Keep phone numbers and addresses in an address book or enter them into your computer or cell phone. Improved organization can help free up your powers of concentration so that you can remember less routine things. Even if being organized doesn’t improve your memory, you’ll receive a lot of the same benefits (i.e. you won’t have to search for your keys anymore).

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Human Search Engine

We received a tip about Ms Dewey, a woman search engine who helps you navigate the web. She’s animated to entertain you, making her the best looking, most entertaining, and (difficult to work with) search engine on the net. You will love this!! via

Fashion installation for Louis Vuitton

Hot on the heels of Paris Fashion Week, comes a sexy installation by Italian artist, Vanessa Beecroft, for the world leader in luxury, Louis Vuitton's new Paris store. Designed by architects Eric Carlson and Peter Marino, the glitzy new house represents a groundbreaking architectural achievement, conceived as a promenade of terraces in homage to the historical and cultural importance of the Champs-Elysees as the world's most stylish promenade.

Equally unprecedented is the integration of art and architecture, with works by three leading contemporary artists displayed as landmarks of the house promenade. Exclusively for the Champs-Elysees, the American artist James Turrell created an impressive "Wide Glass" modular light sculpture, while fellow American Tim White-Sobieski contributed a cutting-edge video installation alongside the house's spectacular 20-meter long "traveling staircase." Meanwhile, the Danish conceptual artist Olafur Eliasson transformed an elevator linking up directly with the top floor of the Champs-Elysees building, which will open in January 2006 as a permanent space of artistic and cultural expression, into a "chamber of sensual entropy" isolated from its surroundings. via New York Times

Colored Spaces

Mono chromed theme spaces are becoming increasingly popular amongst some of the best interior spaces around the world. By creating rooms which work in various shades of the one color, a theme and ambience is born which defines the signature of the space.

The Five Hotel

How about discovering your hotel room with its own personally scented signature? The newly opened Parisian hotel, The Five Hotel, offers 5 aromatized signatures: gourmand, tonic, relaxed, natural and sensual…. You may select the fragrance that most appeals to your mood of the day that will be softly diffused in you room combined with your own chosen associated optic fiber color environment.

The Five Hotel has smoothly integrated optical fiber lighting, adding a touch of lucidity and decor: incorporated into the bathroom tiling and bedroom ceilings, a dream innovation, scintillating the magical and romantic atmosphere.… Here you sleep under the star lit sky!

A hotel only steps away from Saint-Germain-des-Prés with a total of nine "deco" environments, punctuated by the works of Isabelle Emmerique, each derived from a chosen base color: White, black, turquoise, aniseed, violet, red, gold, orange, taupe; carefully imagined and coordinated by applying a blend of fine materials. Each setting presents a very personalized touch, the choice of exclusive fabrics are graphically appealing by the use of colorful printed symmetries. One can discover with pleasure the discreet integration of materials dominated by the overlap of colors used for the room.

Regular asymmetrical stripes, printed flowered wall paper, patterned carpets, printed leather and motifs of waves and spots…, the hotel has dared to enter into a natural cosmetic and unimagined sphere. From the Welcome Hall, or the corridors and rooms, surprises can be found in all the contrasting features.

The Five Hotel is certainly in a league of its own in terms of cool aesthetics. The fact that it is accessible to all, allows it to be enjoyed by a great cross section of visitors and guests. by Yvan Rodic, via

Tuesday, October 17, 2006


Madonna always the best....

Monday, October 16, 2006

Fake beauty, video about transhuman tricks used on models

The Dove Campaign for Real Beauty (bus-ads with pictures of beautiful, but heavy, or old, or off-average models) has posted a video called Evolution. It depicts an attractive -- but blemished and drab -- model being prepped for a bill-board, from the makeup to the photoshop.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Global rich list

A simple online infographic diagram showing how rich you are relative to the global earth population, as estimated by your annual income. via

I'm the 107,565 richest person on earth!

Discover how rich you are! >>

Car Wars in Advertising

Pictures may tell a thousand words but a simple finger tells just one!

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

SearchMash: Google's other search site

Google is operating a separate search site: SearchMash. It was unveiled a few days ago, has a very simple homepage (no ads) and produces roughly the same results as the main Google search. But it also displays the top three relevant images, and has a few Ajax features that let you for example click the URL of a search result to get a menu of options, drag the results to re-order them (paving the way to a possible collective refinement of the search), or view more results without having to move to another page. SearchMash has attracted both criticism and praise, but it's clearly mostly a playground for developers to test new ideas using Google tools and technologies in different ways. The creation of this new, separate, un-branded sandbox reveals - despite the "chaos by design" recently eulogized by Fortune - that Google's main page has become a very delicate object, which doesn't allow for experimentation anymore.

The Inner life of the Cell

Harvard University selected XVIVO, LLC, a Connecticut based scientific animation company, to customize and develop an animation that would propel Harvard's Molecular and Cellular Biology program to the next level of undergraduate education. XVIVO's recently completed animation, titled "The Inner Life of the Cell", has already won awards. The eight minute animation transports Harvard Biology students into a three-dimensional journey through the microscopic world of a cell. via Futurefeeder

The first in a planned series of animations for Harvard University's Department of Molecular and Cellular Biology, "The Inner Life of the Cell" takes undergrads beyond textbooks and vividly illustrates the mechanisms that allow a white blood cell to sense its surroundings and respond to an external stimulus.

Monday, October 09, 2006

Face Hunter

The idea: a man out and about in Paris and beyond: eye candy for the style hungry.
Another great blog for street fashion. Trend hunters get ready..via FaceHunter

Nicole Grows Hair, Shrinks Body

I know hair extensions are all the rage since Paris and Jessica popularized them a few years back, but enough already! What ever happened to a natural girl? We finally got past fake boobs (some of us did, anyway) and now we're gluing and weaving other people's hair onto our heads?
I think Nicole is cute as all get out, but the girl needs to get with reality and put on a few pounds and leave her hair alone, in my opinion.
via x17online

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