Tuesday, January 31, 2006


Skype signs up for Warner Brothers music. VoIP pioneer Skype has signed a deal with Warner Brothers to offer ringtones featuring the company's roster of best selling artists.


While travelling down the French and Italian Riviera, Marc Marmel realized there was a niche for stylish travelers throughout the world that was not being addressed. Inspired by the vintage pieces of Hermes and Louis Vuitton, Marc created an exclusive line of luxury, handmade luggage and accessories, which compares to no other. The concept is simple-leather that looks old and well traveled, but is not.

Relaxing Design

The folks at Napshell are big on the power nap. The proven research showing the effectiveness of the midday power-nap needed to counteract that time of the days biorhythms are a big selling point for Nap Shell.


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Monday, January 30, 2006

2006 Bloggies – weblog awards

Weblog Awards at http://2006.bloggies.com/

Honda commercial

check this commercial at :


Favorville – facilitating the exchange of helpful acts. Favorville.com is a social networking tool which provides members with the opportunity to help and be helped by others. With Favorville, members can post help requests, offer help and help grow the community. Favorville makes it easy to get in touch and build lasting connections with helpful neighbors, both in your locale or across the global village.


It’s comfy, its cutting edge, its snug. Young, up and coming Australian designer, Alvin Tjitrowirjo has designed what appears to be the ultimate lounging chair. Featured in the 2005 Milan Furniture Fair and again at Design X in Melbourne this year, the Snug chair offers it’s occupant the freedom to position the entire body in any way it sees fit whilst constantly and comfortably accommodating it. With it’s retro form design the chair is more than asimple piece of furniture it is a relaxation pod for those who appreciate beautiful form , fluid lines and enticing aesthetics. The Snug chair base is made from molded fiberglass with aniline leather upholstery. It’s aluminum polished stopper can be removed to metamorphisize the chair into a rocker. Brilliant, simple, beautiful.


"Usa e Getta" is Italian for "Use and throw away". UEG, a Polish brand with an Italian motto, plays on the concept of consumption using symbols and icons. The duo behind the brand is fashion designer Anna Kuczynska and top graphic designer Michal Lojewski. Their desirable white creations are designed to deteriorate. And like an old fashion art, the project has its own manifesto and rules: unification, unisex, uniseasons. Materials are made from Tyvek, a paper-like fabric. You can read the full manifesto on each garment; it's never been so cool to show you believe in something.

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