Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Iraqi Documents Are Put on Web, and Search Is On

Operation Iraqi Freedom Documents:::American intelligence agencies and presidential commissions long ago concluded that Saddam Hussein had no unconventional weapons and no substantive ties to Al Qaeda before the 2003 invasion. But now, an unusual experiment in public access is giving anyone with a computer a chance to play intelligence analyst and second-guess the government.
Under pressure from Congressional Republicans, the director of national intelligence has begun a yearlong process of posting on the Web 48,000 boxes of Arabic-language Iraqi documents captured by American troops. But Representative Peter Hoekstra, the Michigan Republican who is chairman of the House Intelligence Committee and who led the campaign to get the documents released, does not believe they have received adequate scrutiny. Mr. Hoekstra said he wanted to "unleash the power of the Net" to do translation and analysis that might take the government decades. "People today ought to be able to have a closer look inside Saddam's regime," he said. All the documents, which are available on: fmso.leavenworth.army.mil/products-docex.htm have received at least a quick review by Arabic linguists and do not alter the government's official stance, officials say.

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