Thursday, September 28, 2006


SWISSVAULT – the backup butler is a fully automatic data backup system that fits the bill perfectly: no more expensive consulting, complex installations, juggling with hardware and software compatibility, loading and unloading backup media, or figuring where to store your data assets.

The backup butler is always there, quickly and automatically gathering your business-critical data and sending it into ultimate safekeeping. And because the backup butler comes from Switzerland, you can expect the highest standards of quality, confidentiality and security. Perhaps the only un-Swiss thing about the service is its surprising affordability. The financial and manpower savings give you more options for allocating business resources.


Always on duty SWISSVAULT makes a secure backup copy of all your key business data at any time, on an automatic schedule and by manual request. The backup butler is the first-ever professional solution to incorporate fully automated backup, vaulting (secure off-site data storage with online access), and rapid restore (recovery of previously backed-up data).

For companies, pre-empting the consequences of a data disaster is equivalent to taking out life insurance, and forms the centrepiece in any business continuity plan. Growing dependence on computer data, and the increasing risks that engenders, make contingency planning an issue that deserves serious attention. SWISSVAULT is the most advanced, secure and dependable total solution for smaller to medium-sized companies. It replaces manual backup operations with centrally managed, fully automated processes.

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