Wednesday, October 18, 2006

The Five Hotel

How about discovering your hotel room with its own personally scented signature? The newly opened Parisian hotel, The Five Hotel, offers 5 aromatized signatures: gourmand, tonic, relaxed, natural and sensual…. You may select the fragrance that most appeals to your mood of the day that will be softly diffused in you room combined with your own chosen associated optic fiber color environment.

The Five Hotel has smoothly integrated optical fiber lighting, adding a touch of lucidity and decor: incorporated into the bathroom tiling and bedroom ceilings, a dream innovation, scintillating the magical and romantic atmosphere.… Here you sleep under the star lit sky!

A hotel only steps away from Saint-Germain-des-Prés with a total of nine "deco" environments, punctuated by the works of Isabelle Emmerique, each derived from a chosen base color: White, black, turquoise, aniseed, violet, red, gold, orange, taupe; carefully imagined and coordinated by applying a blend of fine materials. Each setting presents a very personalized touch, the choice of exclusive fabrics are graphically appealing by the use of colorful printed symmetries. One can discover with pleasure the discreet integration of materials dominated by the overlap of colors used for the room.

Regular asymmetrical stripes, printed flowered wall paper, patterned carpets, printed leather and motifs of waves and spots…, the hotel has dared to enter into a natural cosmetic and unimagined sphere. From the Welcome Hall, or the corridors and rooms, surprises can be found in all the contrasting features.

The Five Hotel is certainly in a league of its own in terms of cool aesthetics. The fact that it is accessible to all, allows it to be enjoyed by a great cross section of visitors and guests. by Yvan Rodic, via

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