Monday, November 20, 2006

Some stats on the reach of blogs

A recent study by Forrester shows that the reach of blogs is steadily going up. Furthermore, they encourage brands to monitor what the blogosphere is telling about their products, brands and campaigns:

One key data point that stood out for me: 24% of Gen Yers read blogs, which is twice as often as the 12% of Gen Xers (ages 27-40) and three times the 7% of Young Boomers (ages 41-50) that read blogs. So skeptics of blogs should suspend their disbelief and look to at least one bellweather demographic to get an idea of how widespread blog readership can potentially grow in the future.

So if you’re a marketer that targets Gen Yers, you should at a minimum be monitoring what your audience reads. Tools to monitor the blogosphere include paid services like Nielsen BuzzMetrics and WebSideStory’s HBX or do-it-yourself sites like Technorati. And an excellent “how-to” resource is this iMedia Connection article, “How to Measure Blog Influence”.
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