Monday, November 20, 2006

Sony releases 007 Vaio Bond Series

Our advice to Bond movie fans is to give the newcomer (Daniel Craig) a chance to thrill you with the action stuff and to keep the enthusiasm going Sony has released the James Bond 007 TX Spy Gear bundle VGN-TXN007 that includes VAIO TX 007 ultraportable PC with 11.1-inch screen, Sony Cybershot T50 007 branded digital camera, Privacy screen, aluminum attache case and serialized glass photo certificate. Sony’s original SmartWi technology seamlessly integrates wireless WAN14, wireless LAN4, and Bluetooth®5 technologies making it your essential mobile companion. The Bond gear-bundle is selling for $3,900 but will be available somewhere around mid-November. But,you can pre-order it now.

via OhGizmo

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