Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Apple iPhone

It has been as widely anticipated as the 'second coming', only this is its debut appearance. The Apple iPhone is finally here.

From the company who revolutionized the way we use portable music, comes a phone that will change the way we communicate. The iPhone is an incredibly sleek looking unit which uses a full color screen to cover the majority of its face. This is instantly impressive, as the quality of the screen supports beautiful high resolution images. The iPhone encompasses a plethora of different functions in the one unit. As Steve Jobs stated today at its press launch, 'We've been pushing the state of the art in every facet of this design'.

The iPhone includes a multi-touch screen, miniaturization, OS X in a mobile device, precision enclosures, three advanced sensors, desktop class applications, and the widescreen video iPod. With a battery life that generously pours out 5 hrs of talk back time, video editing and browsing as well as 16 hrs of audio playback, the iPhone is up for the challenge. Apple has packed so many new technologies into this unit they have had to file over 200 patents for all the features, in order to protect them.

Possibly one of the most subtle yet most user friendly features is the new navigation device called Multi-tuch. Styles free, the mulit-touch is a breakthrough in touch pad navigation. There is only one downside to the iPhone. It's not out till June. Until then, we'll keep you posted with more information on this incredible release from Apple. by Andy G

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