Friday, June 29, 2007

Holographic Fashion Show - Diesel's Fashion Show

Giant aquatic creatures from the deep, snaking robots made from watches and one man submarines were among many other things never before seen on the catwalk, that stunned the audience in Florence, Italy last week as Diesel presented their show for the Spring Summer 2008 collection. The ‘liquid space’ concept for the collection was radically brought to life during the 17 minute show, which is the first time that holograms have been projected along a traditional catwalk, being visible from both sides, and the first to combine both real and holographic models in a fashion show. Alexander McQueen used a holographic effect Kate Moss last year at the end of the show, but here the show was entirely built around the holograms and certainly seems to have taken the concept of the fashion show to a new level. Check out the part where a shoal of fish tranforms itself into a model - this got one of the biggest reactions from the crowd! I found this link with more images, and you can watch the YouTube video below.

Friday, June 22, 2007

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Website logo list

Visually overwhelming approach of presenting the most relevant websites according to specific categories, such as shopping, blogging, entertainment, travel, insurance, dating, translation, & music, by displaying a huge list of logos of the according web companies. a separate category focuses on a weekly updated collection of hand-picked websites. []

Encyclopedia of life website

An infographical movie explaining an upcoming website that will act as an Encyclopidia of Life, collecting & documenting the 1.8 million living species known to man today. should be on a website near you around mid 2008.

the shown snippets of several interactive data visualizations, as well as the movie itself, which acts as an visually engaging & explanatory tool, seem quite interesting.

Wall Art

We admire the work of artists and designers who are not afraid to move beyond the limits of canvas and create visions that should forever alter the meaning of "staring at the walls" and "watching paint dry."

Nexx Helmets

And now, it’s just got a little bit smugger. Nexx Helmets from the UK have just released their new collection for 2007. Featuring the Nexx Cross Aluminium, a dirt bike shaped helmet, equipped with removable inner so you can make sure your face doesn’t smell like a football boot when your out and about. It looks pretty good too.

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